James Tilbury (1881-1972)

James Tilbury (1881-1972)

Winifred Warn (1888-1909)

  • Father:
  • Mother: Annie Warn (ca1849-)
  • Born: 8 Jun 1888, Southampton
  • Married: 2 Oct 1909, James Tilbury, St.Barnabas Ch., Southampton
  • Died: Oct 1984, Texas

James led a varied and colourful life. In 1963 he completed an autobiography of his life.

The Warns

1901. Winifred's mother Annie (widow, 52, born Hants., Cowes) was running a boarding house at 92 Above Bar St, All Saints, Hampshire. She had seven boarders, including the Consul of Venezuela and the Consul of Spain, four servants and Winifred (13, born Southampton) residing in the house at the time of the census.

Children of James & Winifred

Mary Tilbury, daughter of James (b1881)
Mary Tilbury, daughter of James (b1881)
Caroline Tilbury, daughter of James (b1881)
Caroline Tilbury, daughter of James (b1881)
  • Maryg
  • Carolyne
  • Dorothy Margret Tilbury b: Jun 1911 at Vancouver, Canada. Married Laurence Heath before 1942 and had 2 sons* and a daughter, Sandra Heath.
  • Freda Joan Tilbury b: 12 Apr 1914 at Southampton, England d: 23 Apr 1999 Dallas, Texas. Married Leroy Dermont III Nutter b: 18 Sep 1904 d: May 1984 Illinois. Had 3 sons.*
  • Winifred Betty Tilbury b: 30 Dec 1915 at Philadelphia, Pa. d: Oct 1984 at Dallas, Texas. Married Albert E. Bycroft b: 6 Jun 1888. 3 children: Pamela Bycroft, who married ? Wetherill; Roger Bycroft, and a son.*

* Information from James Tilbury's autobiography.


  • Gay Pirrie-Weir2 years ago

    Hello. This is a message for Sandra Heath, Jim Nutter and Pam Byecroft.
    All of you came to stay with us at The Old Court House in Christchurch England when I was a child. We are finally coming to Philadelphia at the start of a drive across the states to where my daughter lives in Sacramento with her family. I remember Freda and Jimmy lived near there (Paoli? or is my memory playing tricks??) If you pick this message up, contact me and tell me how and where you all are.
    Hope to hear from you
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