Florence Mary Tilbury (1880-1962)

Florence Mary Tilbury (1880-1962)

George Herbert Tilbury (1878-1938)

Florence (Florie) married her cousin George, son of Augustus (Gus) Tilbury.

Children of Florence & George

  • Florence G. B. (Betty) Tilbury, born 28 Jun 1914 Southampton, Hants. Florence married Oliver Barstow on 10 Nov 1938 at Ojai, California. They had 2 children: Stephen Allen Barstow, born 13 Apr 1940 in Los Angeles, California, and George Oliver Barstow, born 20 Apr 1942, also in L.A.
  • George H. Tilbury, born c.1916 Philippines.
  • Augustus (Gus) Faulkner Tilbury, born 1919 Philippines. Augustus married Phyllis Frances Brown on 15 Nov 1952 in Los Angeles, California. They had 3 children: William Faulkner Tilbury, who married Susan Anderson; Jill Tilbury, who married Michael Heydorff, and Denise Tilbury, who married Jeffrey Attig.
  • Edward (Ted) James Tilbury, born 14 Mar 1923 in Manila, Philippines. Edward married Gwen Pettijean and died 3 Mar 2005 in Victoria, BC. Canada.

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