Ernest Faulkner Tilbury (1889-1942)

Ernest Faulkner Tilbury (1889-1942)

Helen Grace Mason (1904-1986)

  • Father:
  • Mother:
  • Born: 3 Jun 1904, Pasadena, California
  • Married: Ernest Tilbury, 9 Aug 1924, Paris, France
  • Died: 22 Mar 1986, Califonia.
Ernest Tilbury (b1889). Nov 1921
Ernest Tilbury (b1889). Nov 1921


  • Birth 1889 Ernest Falkner Tilbury
  • Marriage 1924 Ernest Faulkner Tilbury, Helen Grace Mason
Quiristers, Winchester College ca1905
Quiristers, Winchester College ca1905 [1]
Ernest Tilbury, Winchester College ca1905
Ernest Tilbury, Winchester College ca1905 [1]
Ernest Tilbury (b1889). Feb 1922
Ernest Tilbury (b1889). Feb 1922

1889. Ernest Faulkner was born 20 Jan in Southampton. Ernest's birth certificate names him as Ernest Falkner and records his mother's maiden name as Falkner. His marriage certificate names him as Ernest Faulkner.

1898. Ernest (9) entered Winchester College as a quirister (young students who sing in the chapel choir). He and older brothers Edward and Augustus all attended Winchester College as quiristers.

1901. The Census lists Ernest Faulkner (12) and Augustus (13) as two of 16 boarders at 64/3 Kingsgate St, Winchester, which is in fact Quirister House, a boarding house for Winchester College's quiristers and in that period, also a school for the boarders and for a few day-boys. Today the quiristers attend a nearby prep-school for lessons. For more information about the Tilbury boys at Winchester College please visit Augustus Tilbury (1887-1917).

1924. Ernest married Helen Grace Mason on 9 Aug in Paris.

Children of Ernest & Helen

  • Edward (Ted) Mason Tilbury b: 1925 at Colorado. Married Constance Warren at Altadena, California d: 2001 Bakersfield, Ca. Two children: Tyler Tilbury and Margo Tilbury
  • Gordon Melville Tilbury b: 26 Jan 1928 at Colorado d: 15 Sep 1993 at Gui Lin, China. Married Marion Reeves at Pasadena, California and had two children: Victoria Ann Tilbury and Michael Gordon Tilbury. His second wife was Sarah Sue, whom he married at Newport Beach, California.
  • Norman Tilbury b: 25 Aug 1933 at Altadena. He married Janice Colleen Wiese (born 7 Jan 1937 at Jamestown, N. Dakota) on 3 Sep 1955 at Phoenix, Arizona. They had 3 children:
    • Dana Kristen Tilbury b: 6 Jun 1962
    • Tara Colleen Tilbury b: 29 Jan 1963
    • Allison Tilbury b: 29 Oct 1964 at Berkeley, California, married Terrence Andrew Harker (b: 15 Sep 1964 at Redondo Beach, Ca.) on 7 Jul 1986 in Berkeley, Ca. They had two children: Briana Kristen Harker b: 11 Jul 1986 and Whitney Mason Harker b: 11 Jul 1986
  • David Tilbury b: 11 Nov 1937 at Arcadia, California, married Christine Murakishi (b: 1951 at Hawaii) on 12 Mar 1978 at Berkeley, Ca. and had a son, Edward Fallkner Tilbury b: 8 Dec 1978. David married 2nd wife Mei Siau Lahn Tang (b: 1 Feb 1972 at Singapore) on 21 Dec 1990 at Reno, Nevada. Died 30 Jun 2015.


[1] Photos: Winchester College

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