Edward Tilbury (1883-1929)

Edward Tilbury (1883-1929)

Geneviève Capy (1897-1987)

  • Father:
  • Mother:
  • Born: 4 Oct 1897
  • Married: Jun 1920, Edward Tilbury
  • Died: 18 Feb 1987, Rouen,France


  • Birth 1883? Edward Tilbury

The Tilbury Family Bible records Edward (Ted) Tilbury's birth as 5 Feb 1883 at 10 Forest View, Southampton. His birth certificate is an incomplete photocopy of an extract but it shows the birth was registered by his father six years later on 4 Mar 1889. In the intervening years the family had moved from 10 Forest View to 6 Forest View.

Edward and Geneviève lived in France and all their children were born and raised there. It appears that son Robert and French wife Monique moved to the USA some time between 1949 and 1958.

Children of Edward & Geneviève

  • Dorothy Tilbury b: 7 May 1921, married Daniel Decroix 27 Dec 1946.
  • Jeanine Tilbury b: 31 May 1922, married William Armstrong 10 May 1948.
  • Francis Tilbury b: 18 Aug 1925 d: 8 Jan 1994. Married Constance Grococ, then Chantal Grangé
  • Robert Tilbury b: 30 Mar 1927, married Monique Charrier b: 14 Jan 1929 m: 30 Jun 1954. Had 4 children:
    • Sabine Tilbury b: 19 May 1955 Laval France, married Philip Bovet b: 26 Mar 1949.
    • Florence Tilbury b: 30 Sep 1958 Rochester, NY USA, married José Delamadeleine b: 8 Jun 1953
    • Eric Tilbury b: 27 Sep 1960 Montclair, NJ USA
    • Helen Tilbury b: 6 Feb 1964 Montclair, NJ, married Gilles Abravanel b: 9 Dec 1957 and had 2 children.
  • Edward (Ted) Tilbury b: 14 Jul 1929 d: 28 Apr 2008, married Beryl J. L. James b: 5 Jun 1933


  • Jan Pesula12 months ago

    I have found a record of his death in a parish register in Prague - St. Stephen's Church (kostel sv. Štěpána). The register is stored in AHMP (Prague City Archive) under signature ŠT Z17 and the record is on page 73. See digitized image on http://katalog.ahmp.cz/pragapublica/permalink?xid=041D4FEA9D194A31932973984AD66A5A&scan=82#scan82

    Good luck in building your family tree!

    • Linden12 months ago

      Many thanks Jan, wonderful stuff. Now I just need to learn Czech!
      Cheers, Linden

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