Augustus William Tilbury (1852-1902)

Augustus and Georgina nee Pither

Augustus William Tilbury (1852-1902)

Georgina Pither (1851-1899)

  • Father: Charles Pither
  • Mother:
  • Born: 1851, St. Marylebone
  • Married: 26 Sep 1874, Augustus William Tilbury, St. Marylebone
  • Died: 2 Feb 1899, Manila, Philippine Islands


  • Birth 1852 Augustus William Tilbury
  • Marriage 1874 Augustus William Tilbury, Georgina Pither

Augustus may also have been known as William [ref. marriage cert. Pheobe Molenaar nee Tilbury].

Georgina Pither was born 1851 at St. Marylebone. Her father, Charles Pither was a Merchants Clerk.

1874. The wedding certificate of Augustus and Georgina states that Augustus was living at Gordon Square, All Saints and was also a Merchants Clerk. The fact that Augustus and Georgina's father shared the same occupation may have been the cause of their meeting. Witnesses to the wedding were Edward Tilbury and Mary Pither.

1875. Augustus William (and presumably Georgina) was living at 43 Charlotte St, St. Marylebone at the time of his father's death.

1881. The Census taken in 1881 shows Augustus W. Tilbury (29, clerk in shipping firm), Georgina (30) and children Augustus C. Tilbury (6), George H. Tilbury (3) and Florence Tilbury (2) living at 2 Cambridge Tce, Camberwell.

1883. In October of 1883 Augustus (31) and Georgina (age stated as 30) and their children Augustus C. (8), George H. (6) and Florence Mary (4) travelled to Melbourne, Australia aboard the Ivanhoe. Augustus' mother Sophia (71) travelled with them, as did sisters Sophie (31) and Florence (27). On 14 Oct 1883 a group of Tilburys travelled from Port of Melbourne to Sydney on the Leura, including Augustus and Georgina, Augustus C., George H., Florence Mary and Florence.

1884. Florence M. died at Woollahra at the age of about 5.

1885. Annie T was born. PO Directories show the family living at Cameron St, Paddington, Sydney until 1888.

1986. An entry under "Court Proceedings" in the Evening News, Sydney, June 5 1886. Augustus William was involved in fraud cases before the court but the report is in abbreviated form and it's difficult to determine the depth of Augustus' involvement.

Sydney District Court.

Friday, June 4.

HIGGS v. SLARKS (Continued).— Witness ordered these charts through McNeil aad Coffee, to be delivered to him as required, and on payment. There was no agreement in writing about them. Did not know the trade price of these charts in America. Out of the £2 2s the sale price McNeil and Coffee got 27s, and witness 15s. Plaintiff admitted that there was a difference between the sample shown and the copy tendered to defendant. Augustus W. Tilbury said that he had bought some charts from the wholesale importers, McNeil and Coffee. Went to defendant's house with Higgs, who offered the charts to defendant, who refused to receive them, and told plaintiff that he would find him (defendant) a very hard nut to crack. Was an Oddfellow, and joined the order with the view of disposing of these charts. Held printed testimonials similar to those held by Higgs. They were given him by McNeil and Coffee. Defendant stated at the interview that he looked upon the whole sale as a fraud, and found that the profits of the sale would not be devoted to the benefit of Oddfellowship. This was plaintiff's case, and Mr. Nash moved for a nonsuit on three grounds. 1. That the goods tendered were not according to sample. 2. That the agreement did not show any parties to the contract; and 3. That the plaintiff was not the vendor, but only an agent for the real principals. With regard to the first point, his Honor allowed the evidence to be re opened ; and plaintiff was re-called, who stated that be could see no difference between the samples and the copies now produced in court. Mr. Forbes, an engraver, was called as an expert, and stated that the only difference between the copies and sample was that one was a proof, and on India paper, and the other an ordinary engraving. There was a difference in value between them, varyiing according to publishers' prices. His Honor considered that the difference between the sample and copies was so plain that no one could possibly mistake the difference. It was clear to him that there was a material difference between the sample aud the article tendered for acceptance; and upon that point alone he ordered a verdict for the defendant, with witnesses costs. This decision disposed of about thirty cases, brought by the same plaintiff against other members of Oddfellows' lodges, in which the same transactions and points were involved.

TILBURY v. BROOKS — This was a similar action, but by a different agent. The charts were the same, the form of agreement identical in terms. The case concluded this evening. After a long argument, his Honor held that there was no mutuality in the contract, and therefore gave a verdict for defendant. The decision disposes of about twenty-five other cases of the same kind.

1893. PO Directories show the family living at 129 St. John’s Rd, Forest Lodge, Sydney until 1896.

?1896. The family lived in the Philippine Islands during the Spanish Rebellion. The Ten Years' War in Cuba (1868-1878) served as the forerunner of the 1895 Insurrection and the Spanish American War. The Philippine Revolution began in 1896.

1899. Georgina Tilbury nee Pither, wife of A.W. Tilbury, late of Strathfield, Sydney, died 2 Feb 1899 at Manila, Philippine Islands.

1902. Augustus William Tilbury (50), late of Sydney and London, died 23 Dec 1902 at Manila, Philippine Islands. Death Notices were published in the Sydney Mail and NSW Advertiser, 25 Dec 1902, and the SMH 21 Feb 1903.

Children of Augustus and Georgina

Augustus Charles Tilbury (1875-1946)

Born 13 Aug 1875 at St. Marylebone.

1899. Augustus married Susannah (Lou) Jane Huxley on 4 Mar in Quirindi NSW. Susannah was the daughter of of Robert J. Huxley, born 11 Mar 1841 at Pitt Town, NSW and Jane Masterson, born 1848. Augustus and Susannah had 4 children:

  • 1900. John Tilbury was born and died an infant in Quirindi, NSW.
  • 1904. Dorothy May Tilbury was born in Quirindi. Married ? Waddell.
  • 1907. Muriel E. Tilbury was born and died an infant at St. Leonards NSW.
  • ?. Son Herbert William Tilbury was born. A Herbert Tilbury was staying at Hotel Ainslie in Canberra in early May or 1939. Herbert married Edna ? 1942, Nth Sydney. Herbert may have been a singer/actor. Died 1957 at Chatswood, NSW.

[Two grandchildren: Marcia, Victor]

1946. Augustus Charles (71) died suddenly on 27 Oct 1946 at his residence, 4 Cobar St, Willoughby. He was survived by his wife Susannah (Lou) nee Huxley and children Herbert, Dorothy Waddell nee Tilbury, daughter-in-law Edna (wife of Herbert William Tilbury), grandchildren Marcia and Victor. The cremation was held 15:15 on 29 Oct 1946 at a private chapel at 401 Pacific Highway, Crow's Nest and he was laid to rest at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney.

George H. Tilbury (1878-?1938)

[source David Tilbury, Oregon] George Herbert returned to England and married his cousin Florence Mary at Southhampton and then travelled to California.

Florence Mary Tilbury (ca1879-1884)

1884. Florence died at Woollahra, Sydney at about the age of 5.

Annie T. Tilbury (1885-)

1885. Born Cameron St, Paddington, Sydney.

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