Samuel Tilbury (1827-1900)

Samuel Tilbury (1827-1900)

Hannah Hazeldine

  • Father: Thomas Hazeldine
  • Mother:
  • Born: Stoke, Staffordshire
  • Married: 2 Jan 1853, Samuel Tilbury, Old Church, St.Pancras
  • Died:


  • Baptism 1828 Samuel Tilbury
  • Marriage 1853 Samuel Tilbury, Hannah Hazeldine

Hannah Hazeldine was born in Stoke, Staffordshire.

Samuel and Hannah were married 2 Jan 1853. Both were "of full age" and Samuel was shown as an upholsterer. Thomas was listed as a gentleman and Hannah's father, Thomas Hazeldine, was listed as a civil engineer of Hampstead St, St.Pancras.

The 1851 census incorrectly states Samuel was a cabinet maker, which was actually the occupation of his younger brother, Charles.

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